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This blog is a record of running a 50 year old classic car as essential transport and for road trips.

It is here to prepare those who might be tempted to do the same, they require mental and physical stamina, tenacity and transportational back up (not necessarily in that order). It has been challenging, time consuming, frustrating, nerve wracking but very rewarding and enjoyable.

My Jensen CV8 is being driven, not stuck in a garage collecting dust, it is not a concours condition car, and in a lot of respects is showing its age, but it creates interest where ever I go and is great fun to drive.

This blog is dedicated to my family and friends who have to put up with the sweet(?) smell of oil and leather, car seats that only reach half way up your back, front seat belts that attempt to garrotte you every time you turn a corner at speed, and the need for ear defenders at any speed above 50 mph.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Another trip up to Derbyshire successfully completed yesterday, about 160 miles round trip. No recurrance of the water pump(?) noise.

Started the car up this morning and had a high pitched squeal, at first suspected the fan belt, but soon realised it was a derivation of the suspected water pump noise...my only conclusion is that the car is in someway trying to communicate with me. 5 minutes warm up and it disappeared....I'll look at it over the weekend.

Got a huge result on the insurance, went to change it from 3000 limited mileage to unlimited. Because the car is over 45 years old, the cost is the same: £101!!! Thanks AON, Footman James or whoever you are now. Cheap motoring, no road tax and £101 for the insurance.... if only I could get more that 12 mpg and reduce the oil consumption!

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