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This blog is a record of running a 50 year old classic car as essential transport and for road trips.

It is here to prepare those who might be tempted to do the same, they require mental and physical stamina, tenacity and transportational back up (not necessarily in that order). It has been challenging, time consuming, frustrating, nerve wracking but very rewarding and enjoyable.

My Jensen CV8 is being driven, not stuck in a garage collecting dust, it is not a concours condition car, and in a lot of respects is showing its age, but it creates interest where ever I go and is great fun to drive.

This blog is dedicated to my family and friends who have to put up with the sweet(?) smell of oil and leather, car seats that only reach half way up your back, front seat belts that attempt to garrotte you every time you turn a corner at speed, and the need for ear defenders at any speed above 50 mph.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Mileage now 175,353, the commute this week has been unremarkable. The noise from the suspected water pump has settled down, likely the calm before the storm.

It is 4 weeks since I fitted copper exhaust gaskets with great success (although the saga of fitting them is worthy of a whole new blog!), no longer does the car sound like a tractor and the sweet burble of the V8 is prominent. I did get a hint of exhaust noise at speed today, but suspect it is further down the exhausts and therefore easier to fix, add to the list for the weekend.

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