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This blog is a record of running a 50 year old classic car as essential transport and for road trips.

It is here to prepare those who might be tempted to do the same, they require mental and physical stamina, tenacity and transportational back up (not necessarily in that order). It has been challenging, time consuming, frustrating, nerve wracking but very rewarding and enjoyable.

My Jensen CV8 is being driven, not stuck in a garage collecting dust, it is not a concours condition car, and in a lot of respects is showing its age, but it creates interest where ever I go and is great fun to drive.

This blog is dedicated to my family and friends who have to put up with the sweet(?) smell of oil and leather, car seats that only reach half way up your back, front seat belts that attempt to garrotte you every time you turn a corner at speed, and the need for ear defenders at any speed above 50 mph.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Got the oil pipes from Cropredy yesterday, thanks David, swapped out the leaking one in about 20 mins, really easy, the unions came apart with minimal force, the biggest problem was getting the spanner into the confined space enough to get leverage.

To fit the lower pipe I need to jack up the car and I was short of time so I'll pick that up when I next do some stuff on the car.

The autopsy on the pipe revealed corrosion, the pipe is flexible, the rubber outer skin had perished, allowing the metal braiding to corrode and weaken the pipe. It had become so inflexible that it felt like metal.

Problems on my list to sort:
Temp gauge - get reconditioned/recalibrated
Oil pipe - replace second one
Slight scuffing sound from nearside front wheel on right hand bend.
Tighten handbrake
Cure leaking gearbox sump

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