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This blog is a record of running a 50 year old classic car as essential transport and for road trips.

It is here to prepare those who might be tempted to do the same, they require mental and physical stamina, tenacity and transportational back up (not necessarily in that order). It has been challenging, time consuming, frustrating, nerve wracking but very rewarding and enjoyable.

My Jensen CV8 is being driven, not stuck in a garage collecting dust, it is not a concours condition car, and in a lot of respects is showing its age, but it creates interest where ever I go and is great fun to drive.

This blog is dedicated to my family and friends who have to put up with the sweet(?) smell of oil and leather, car seats that only reach half way up your back, front seat belts that attempt to garrotte you every time you turn a corner at speed, and the need for ear defenders at any speed above 50 mph.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

The friday night ritual of driving to Derbyshire was particularly troublesome yesterday. The car decided to run hot all of the journey. I stopped a couple of times to let it cool down. No other symptoms other than a high temp gauge. The heater was working ok, electric fans were on, so I was confident that the coolant was circulating, "coolant" is probably a bit of a misnomer at the moment.

Worst case scenario was to breakdown at the side of the M1 on a Friday of bank holiday weekend. (although the RAC does seem to come out quicker for the Jensen than I can recall for my more mundane daily transport)

Strange that the temperature should be lower when stationary that at speed. I did manage to complete the journey, but after Leicester I switched to the B roads through Market Harborough joining the A14 about 1/2 way along.

I've been on a day trip to London today so not been able to look at the car, but I've been racking my brain as to possible causes. Faulty temp sensor or gauge, blocked radiator, blown head gasket......anyway I had a eureka moment today........the thermostat sticking!...it seems to fit all the symptoms....just need it to stop raining to prove the theory....I'll keep you posted.

I'm a bit miffed...the parts ordered from Cropredy didn't arrive today!

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