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This blog is a record of running a 50 year old classic car as essential transport and for road trips.

It is here to prepare those who might be tempted to do the same, they require mental and physical stamina, tenacity and transportational back up (not necessarily in that order). It has been challenging, time consuming, frustrating, nerve wracking but very rewarding and enjoyable.

My Jensen CV8 is being driven, not stuck in a garage collecting dust, it is not a concours condition car, and in a lot of respects is showing its age, but it creates interest where ever I go and is great fun to drive.

This blog is dedicated to my family and friends who have to put up with the sweet(?) smell of oil and leather, car seats that only reach half way up your back, front seat belts that attempt to garrotte you every time you turn a corner at speed, and the need for ear defenders at any speed above 50 mph.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Saturday 15th May....road trip to the coast, Southwold and back via Framlingham Castle. ~200 mile round trip, car ran a bit warm for most of the journey, slightly above normal, but kept its cool. The temp wandered up a bit in traffic but the fans did their stuff.

Picked up some fresh fish from the quayside, some sea bass and plaice....very tasty, followed by a plate of fish and chips and a pint of Adnams.

The dog took a liking to my fish and chips.........

.............but sensibly kept away from my beer.

We called in at Framlingham Castle on the way back, a very interesting site steeped in history, notable for being owned by the Howard family. Thomas Howard, the 3rd Duke, married 2 of his nieces off to Henry VIII. Any takers for which of Henry's wives they were? Clue...they were both beheaded ... you'd have thought he would have learnt his lesson after the first decapitation!

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